Caleb Davenport, CWS®, AIF®

Caleb Davenport was born in Hamilton, Ohio in 1961 and lived there until he left for college in 1979. He graduated from Liberty University in 1984 where he played college football. He continued his education, earning his graduate degree in May of 1987. In December of 1987, Caleb entered the U.S. Air Force where he served in the 480th Tactical Fighter Squadron located at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. In August of 1990, Caleb married his bride, Susan. One month later, Caleb was sent to serve in Desert Shield at an island in the heart of the Persian Gulf called Bahrain. After the Gulf War, Caleb and Susan settled in Ohio to be near family. Caleb has been a financial advisor since January, 1991. He has a vast and broad understanding of financial and estate planning.  Caleb and Susan have three young boys: Thomas, who was born in October of 1994, Noah, who was born in March of 1997, and Ben, who was born in August of 1998. Caleb Davenport is the founder and President of Legacy Retirement Advisors, Inc. His area of focus is working with seniors who are 50 and older. There is a motto that Caleb lives by, and that: is when he takes on a client, he takes on a relationship.

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